24/10 – Info for participants

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Welcome to our first episode of 24/10, a creative lab where teams of writers, directors and performers collaborate over a twenty-four hour period to create, shape and perform a ten minute play! If this sounds both terrifying and really really fun, you’re absolutely right! This is a no holds barred, crazy experiment in everything that makes theatre great: creativity, collaboration, high pressure and a whole lot of fun. 

Interested in playing? Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Step One

Register using the online form below (or print the registration form, complete it, scan it, and email it to stefanie@insitewaco.com) and pay your entry fee (we’ll invoice you through PayPal). The entry fee is $25 for a team or $5 for an individual, and helps us cover the cost of food, drinks, and PRIZES!!! 

You can register either as an individual (we’ll place you on a team with other awesome people) or on behalf of a team if you want to gather your most gifted and adventurous friends and get ready to have a crazy time! (only one member of the team needs to register for everyone)

Step Two

Read this packet! It will give you a snapshot of everything that goes down from Kick-Off to Curtain Call.

Step Three

Share about your experience, and invite ALL your friends! Tickets will be available on our website, and it’s going to be a really entertaining night of new work with a local focus, packed with creative energy and fun! We’ll get a chance to introduce the work of all teams participating, and judges will comment and share awards! Follow InSite on social media and tag away! #insitewaco #insite2410 We know you’re going to capture all the best “behind the scenes” moments!

Step Four

Show up, throw yourselves into this whole wild time with abandon and have a blast! The InSite team and volunteers will be with you every step of the way making sure that all your needs are met, from technical and rehearsal to adequate caffeination and hype and motivation. Come ready to write, direct and perform your hearts out.

We are so ready to do this with you!

Stefanie, Trent and Luann – The InSite Waco Team

For more information and to submit registration, contact stefanie@insitewaco.com



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