Our venue: Brotherwell Brewery and Taproom


Photo of Brotherwell Brewing
Going east on Elm Ave, turn into the parking lot on the right just past Lula Jane’s to get to Brotherwell.

Brotherwell Brewery is a locally owned and operated business based in East Waco. They’ve been selling their beer through local restaurants and bars for a couple of years, but they recently opened the Taproom, a casual and relaxing area in the brewery where the public can come and enjoy a book, game, conversation and a brew.

It’s family-friendly (and dog-friendly), and is also Waco’s newest arts venue!

Brotherwell is one of the hosts for Keep Waco Loud music, comedy, and spoken word performances and, now, for InSite Shakespeare Studios! We’re excited to present our three upcoming productions in the Taproom and backyard.

The terrific owners, David and Jacob, say “We believe that great beer can bring people together. We want to create something that friends and family will share as they gather at the end of the day to find a moment of joy and community.” We like that idea, and we want to be part of what they’re building!

One thing to know: the brewery and Taproom are housed in an industrial building which is cooled but not air-conditioned. They have an evaporative cooler and fans, and plenty of cold water in addition to cold beer and non-alcoholic beverages. We’ve been comfortable rehearsing in there, but we wanted to you know what to expect and to dress cool!

We’ll also have fun souvenir Shakespeare hand fans for you to use during the show.

People who should avoid getting warm, due to medical conditions or certain medications, should perhaps skip this production and join us in October when we’ll be outside in Brotherwell’s backyard for our second Shakespeare Studio production, Music, Magic…and Murder.

Questions? Contact Brotherwell at info@brotherwell.com or us at info.insitewaco@gmail.com.